Bringing STEM to
the world.

GRAM is a not-for-profit and volunteer-based initiative to raise awareness towards various STEM fields. We Intend to do this through various events like podcasts, webinars, and contests. We are known for our vast community of over achieving students and phenomenal guest speakers.

Dive deep into
the sea of Science.

We organise podcasts with prominent personalities with expertise in pure sciences. Join us to delve deep into a topic of interest. Want expert guidance for a particular exam? We have got you covered! Attend our gospels with experts webinars to discuss strategies.

Engage with
like-minded peers.

GRAMOLY Discord is a community of over 2000 STEM Enthusiasts. Join and get access to contests, rewards, resources, guidance from subject-experts and many great experiences. find and meet people who share your creativity and passion for all STEM subjects, have fun and build your network with us.

By the students,
For the students.

GRAM is a collective of curious and innovative students who strive to make an impact in the field of education, and change the system for the better by helping young minds explore various STEM fields. We dream of building a community of all those have a shared love for sciences, and rally for this cause.