Imagine a world where each child gets food and education. Imagine a world where everyone gets equal opportunity. Imagine a world where everyone lives life in peace. We and innumerable people are living in this dream for years unknown and working to make it a reality.
It's been hard days and nights. We made mistakes, arguably a lot of, but we repent, adapt, improvise and Improve. That's what makes us who we are. We are not a mere organization, our dreams and goals are much beyond GRAMOLY.
We are a dream seen by countless men, we are emotions of countless children, we are the struggle worn by countless girls. That gives us true strength to face challenges, Improve ourselves, and fight for the cause.
We hope someday you will join us and we would live this dream together—the time has come when you shall redeem the grace bestowed upon you, lend a hand to dying humanity, and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Meet the team

GRAM is a collective of curious and innovative students who strive to make an impact in the field of education, and change the system for the better by helping young minds explore various STEM fields. We dream of building a community of all those have a shared love for sciences, and rally for this cause.

Badal PanchaniAdministrator
Aayush AnandAdministrator
Soumendu JanaAdministrator
Samar YadavAdministrator
Abhishek RoyAdministrator
Atharva MahajanPhysics Head
Arav BhojashettarManagement
Prannaya GuptaComputer Science Head
Paras SharmaPhysics
Abhiram CherukupalliPhysics Head
Asutosh RathManagement
Sainavneet MukundBiology Head
Sidharth ChakratMathematics
Piyush SinghPhysics
Om BadgujarGraphics
Prerak ContractorPhysics
Daniel BruwelMathematics
Harshdeep Singh ChhabraChemistry
Mahdi RazaMathematics
Aditya SinghComputer Science
Amish SinhaMathematics
Ritabrata SahaMathematics, Graphics
Krishna BhardwajChemistry
Prabhnoor SinghMathematics
Karan UpretiPhysics
Atharv Asaram ManePhysics
Tanay KakaliaChemistry
Om SatputePhysics
Rachit RajPhysics
Samarth BarveMathematics


GRAM is better today than it was yesterday, Countless goals have been achieved today thanks to selfless volunteer work. We appreciate the efforts, enthusiasm and generosity of all volunteers who contributed.

Yash BughaniAdministration
Avyaan SharmaPhysics
Samyak SheershPhysics
Himadri MandalMathematics
Srijon SarkarMathematics
Aritra MondalPhysics
Devyansh AgrawalMathematics
Sonal Kumar SinghAstronomy
Swastika DebMathematics
Prasoon JhaPhysics
Hemant AyujPhysics
Debayu ChakrabortiMathematics
Muhammed YaseenPhysics
Hrishabh AyushChemistry
Rwitabrata MallickMathematics
Adarsh SharmaComputer Science
Tarpan GhoshPhysics
Faraz AhmadAstronomy
Ayush KushwahaModeration
Atharva SharmaModeration
Arjun RathoreAstronomy
Krish SharmaPhysics
Manan GoelTech support
Gourav KhungerTech support
Yash PatilModeration
Arnab ChatterjeeMathematics
Tanishk KashyapMathematics
Sabyasachi KunduMathematics
Ayush Kumar GuptaMathematics
Atharva Shivaram MahajanPhysics
Ankit Kumar choudharyMathematics
Krishna thakur Mathematics
Om Kumar Mathematics
Prajul Jain Mathematics
Jitu roy Mathematics
Anuprash PattanaikVideo Editing
Ashish PoudelMathematics
Shivam DixitMathematics
Vibhav Ved Singh Mathematics
Ishan PaulMathematics
Saswata DasMathematics
Harshita GuptaMathematics
Kowshiq kattamuriMathematics
Abhinav SinghMathematics
Abhishek MishraMathematics
Hemansh ShahzPhysics
Adithya A.S.Moderation
Rakshit RajPhysics
Chirag KarPhysics
Atharva GhatnekarChemistry
Nirav BhattadMathematics
Vivek SahuPhysics
Mridul pandeyPhysics
Ritobrata NathMathematics
Krish KumarMathematics
Yash MehtaMathematics
Tejas RaoWriting

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